Robbery cases on the increase in Namibia

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Robery cases are on the increase in Namibia.

#BusinessToday | Addressing Namibia's economic crisis needs collective efforts

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-The executive chairman of Ohlthaver & List group of companies believes Namibia can overcome the current economic challenges if all stakeholders put heads together.

Namibia ratifies the convention against forced labour

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Namibia has Ratified the Convention Against Forced Labour in Geneva.

Zimbabweans living in Namibia demonstrate at the country's embassy

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Zimbabwean nationals residing in Namibia also staged a demonstration in front of the country's embassy in Namibia, in solidarity with their country men and women, calling on President Robert Mugabe to end his 37-year long rule.

Namibia and Russia sign security cooperation agreement

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-Namibia and the Russian Federation have signed a cooperation agreement on security.

Officer in the Namibian Police VIP Protection Directorate committs suicide

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-An officer in the Namibian Police VIP Protection Directorate committed suicide over the weekend.

17-Year-old boy arrested for fatal shebeen stabbing

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-A 17-year-old boy was arrested on Friday over the death of 35-year-old Johannes Mokhatu in Gobabis.

Damara Traditional and Cultural Festival attracts a large turnout

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-The 39th Damara Traditional and Cultural Festival this year has attracted a large turnout.

Traditional leaders reflect unity all Namibians should have

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-The working relationship between traditional leaders has been described as reflective of the unity Namibians of all backgrounds should display.

Delegates reaffirm their support to HIV-AIDS at NALAO conference

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-Delegates who attended the 2017 Namibian Association of Local Authorities Officials conference (NALAO) and AGM have reaffirmed their support to HIV-AIDS programmes in the local government sector.