Angola plans ban on meat imports to make way for Namibian beef

by editor1 / Jul 23, 2017 / 0 comments

Angola plans to put a ban on its import of meat from other countries to make way for imports from Namibia.

Government has received Germany's response to Namibia's call for reparations

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-The German government's response to Namibia's call for reparations, with regards the 1904 to 1908 Nama/Herero genocide, has been received by government.

Namibia favourable location for mass energy generation in southern Africa

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-Namibia, as a location, has been identified as favourable for mass production of energy in southern Africa.

SADC Partnership Agreement with EU holds opportunities through quota and duty-free trade

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Namibia has benefited immensely from trade and investment cooperation with the European Union during the past two years.

Namibia not a hub for human trafficking - President Geingob

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The US Department of State 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report has listed Namibia as one of the countries where human trafficking takes place but President Hage Geingob disagrees.

Namibia records over 9 000 TB cases in 2016

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-Namibia recorded over 9 000 cases of Tuberculosis last year.

Health minister announces cooperation on malaria prevention with Angola

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The Namibian government plans to revive its working relationship with Angola in efforts to fight malaria.

Namibia expects positive spin-offs from SA's lifting of domestic trade in rhino horns

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A recent decision by South Africa's Constitutional Court to lift an eight-year ban on domestic trading of rhino horns can have positive spin-offs for Namibia as well.

Namibia's GDP projected to improve considerably towards 2018

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Namibia's real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth is projected to improve from 0,2% to 2,1% in 2017.

Road accidents on Namibia roads cost N$1,3 billion every year

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Road accidents on Namibia roads cost N$1,3 billion every year and further serves to worsen existing cycles of poverty.