Namibia to implement laws to control GMOs

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-Namibia is moving forward in implementing bio-safety laws to control the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

NAMA organisers hold workshop for nominated artists

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-The organisers of NAMAs 2017 held a mandatory nominee workshop with artists nominated for the Namibian Annual Music Awards scheduled to take place in April this year.
The organisers gave the nominees a brief overview of the event and tips on how nominees should enhance their personal brand at the event.

Namibia soon to export asparagus to Spain

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Namibia could soon export the garden asparagus plant to Spain and other European countries.

No new outbreaks of army worms reported in Namibia so far

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No new outbreaks of army worms have been reported in Namibia so far.

Independence Celebrations 2017

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Namibia gained independence from South Africa on 21 March 1990.

Chinese Embassy says witch-hunts will damage its good relations with Namibia

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The Charge de Affairs of the Chinese Embassy, has warned that alleged witch-hunts against the Chinese community in Namibia will damage the good relations between the two countries.

#BusinessToday | Namibian beef doing fairly well in Hong Kong markets

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Namibia needs to be fierce in promoting and marketing its beef exports to Hong Kong.

#BusinessToday | Namibia records 12% growth in air passengers

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Namibia has recorded growth of about 12% in air passengers, which is double the projected growth for the entire African region, by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

#BusinessToday | Namibia moving towards a one-stop shop to facilitate faster trade

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Namibia will soon start with a new programme to facilitate easy trade.

New online programme to facilitate easy trade

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Namibia will soon start a new programme to facilitate easy trade, aimed at reducing bureaucracy. To be known as the Namibia National Single Window - NSW - the programme will create a one-stop-shop for trade facilitation.