Namibia and Portugal renewing their bilateral relations

by editor / Nov 14, 2016 / 0 comments

Namibia and Portugal are finalising and renewing their bilateral relations in a wide range of areas with potential to economic growth and social upliftment to their people.

Namibia sees notable reduction in mother-to-child HIV infections

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At least 370 babies, or 4% of those born in Namibia are infected with HIV, due to mother-to-child transmission.

A US research company proposes to help government achieve industrial targets

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A US-based research and monitoring company says Namibia currently has all the needed ingredients to meet its industrial goals.

Public Private Partnership Bill tabled in the National Assembly

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Namibia will soon see increased private sector involvement in the provision of public services, through the enactment of the Public Private Partnerships bill.

Namibia is determined to position itself as an economic hub

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Africa is ready for robust investment, away from racially divisive lines which were created by colonialism.

Namibia and Botswana progressing in curbing trans-border crime

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Progress has been made in curbing trans-border crime, control animal diseases and facilitate the movement of people between Namibia and Botswana. The observation was made by delegates to the 25th Session of the Namibia/Botswana Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security, which ended at Swakopmund on Thursday.

Namibia to learn how to make housing affordable from the US

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Namibia is learning from countries such as the US that have put incentives in place to make housing affordable to its people.

San Antonio Mayor in Namibia to explore business opportunities

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The Mayor of the United State's City of San Antonio, in the State of Texas is in Namibia to explore business opportunities.

Namibians urged to engage in drought resistant farming activities

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In light of the severe drought that Namibia is facing, Namibians have been urged to engage in drought resistant farming activities.

US-based companies show great interest in ''Invest in Namibia'' conference

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A number of United States-based companies have expressed interest in attending the ''Invest in Namibia'' conference scheduled for November.