Namibia seeks to expand economic partnership with US businesses

by editor / Sep 15, 2016 / 0 comments

Namibia's small but open economy has been a drawcard for foreign investors and is now looking to expand economic partnership with the United States businesses.

Government to appeal judgement on airport tender

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The government plans to appeal the judgement in a case that saw a Chinese construction company winning the legal battle over the cancellation of the tender to upgrade and expand the Hosea Kutako International Airport.

National skills competition launched

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For the first time, young Namibians from various sectors and training providers are showcasing their technical and vocational skills at a four-day national skills competition.

Mushrooming of new churches a concern

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The mushrooming of new churches in Namibia has become a concern to some public members and decision makers alike.

Alignment of training to labour market needs key to development needs

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The closer alignment of training with the needs of the labour market is key to addressing Namibia's development needs and growth.

Government urged to support household food production

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Namibia must support household food production to ensure long term food security for its people.

Chinese business people invited to invest in Namibia

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The Chief Trade Promotion Officer in the Trade and Industrialization Ministry has invited Chinese business people to invest in Namibia's various sectors. Tunga Mboti extended the invitation in his presentation in the Chinese city of Foshan on Monday.

Namibia's VET system lacks leadership and strategic directions-UNESCO

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Namibia's vocational education training system lacks the capacity to supply skills necessary for expanding and diversifying its economy. The assessment was made by a Scoping Mission of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO.

Namibian youths converge on Windhoek

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Young people across Namibia are meeting in the capital for the national youth development seminar to chart the way forward on youth development and how to become part of the economic mainstream.

Finance Minister reacts to Namibia's downgrading

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As Fitch Rating has revised Namibian economy from stable to negative, Finance Minister Calle Schletwein has appealed to the nation to help government not to put unnecessary demands on the economy.