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Outgoing Congolese ambassador hails relations with Namibia

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The outgoing ambassador of Congo says her country's government is working hard to resolve water and electricity shortages at the Loudima Institute for Technical and Vocational Training.

Namibia to increase its production capacity

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Namibia needs to increase its production capacity and trade more in finished goods if the country is to transform economically in the long run.

Serbia extends invitation to President Geingob for stronger bilateral relations

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Serbia has extended an invitation to President Hage to visit that country to further strengthen bilateral relations.

Palestine counts on Namibia to make the two-state solution a reality

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The Ambassador of Palestine Hashem Dajani says the State of Palestine is counting on countries such as Namibia to make the two-state solution a reality.

South Korea to help Namibia address water scarcity

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The Republic of Korea and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) have agreed to assist in addressing water scarcity in Namibia.

Tropical Cyclone Dineo is heading to Namibia this weekend

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Tropical Cyclone Dineo is expected to hit some parts of Namibia this weekend.

Government to fully utilise underground water resources

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The government is working towards the full utilisation of underground water resources to supply the north-central parts of Namibia.

Namibia-Zimbabwe MoU to empower women

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Namibia and Zimbabwe are in the process of finalising a memorandum of understanding to empower women in order to reduce poverty.

Zambia eager for cooperation with Namibia in agriculture

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Zambia is eager to join forces with Namibia in the agricultural sector.