Namibia to implement measures to protect women in peace missions

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-Namibia plans to implement measures to protect women involved in peace and security missions from gender based violence and sexual exploitation.

Russia, Namibia talk trade

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-Trade levels between Namibia and Russia are considerably low and is a concern for both countries.

Namibia finalising comprehensive national labour migration policy

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-Namibia is in the process of finalising a comprehensive national migration policy that would address the complex migration dynamics the country faces.

Namibia, Germany sign Okahandja industrial park construction agreement

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Namibia and Germany signed a cooperation agreement that could see the construction of a residential and industrial park in Okahandja.

Almod Diamonds Namibia celebrates tenth anniversary

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-The Almod Diamonds Namibia factory celebrated its tenth anniversary on Monday, making it one of the oldest diamond cutting and polishing plants in Namibia.

Brazil Minister for External Relations visits President Geingob

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-Brazil is looking towards Africa to increase trade and investment, following a major decline in its Gross Domestic Product, GDP earnings over the last two years.

Namibia to restructure its energy sector to optimise generation mix

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Namibia is to restructure its energy sector, in order to optimise its electricity generation resource mix.

Low level of trade between Namibia and Zimbabwe presents a huge opportunity - Geingob

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The low level of trade between Namibia and Zimbabwe presents a huge opportunity for growth going forward.

African Union Committee commends Namibia for addressing HIV

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The African Union Committee on HIV has commended Namibia for its political will in addressing the issue of people living with the virus but said there is a need to ensure that their rights are respected.

Zimbabwean President urges for timely implementation of bilateral agreements

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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has urged the ministers of both Namibia and his government to implement bilateral agreements timely.