#BusinessToday | Namibia loses about 5 000 metric tons of maize to army worms

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Namibia lost about 5 000 metric tons of maize in the north and north eastern parts due to the devastating outbreak of army worms in Omusati, Kavango West and East and some parts of the Zambezi regions.

TB remains a challenge for Namibia

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Tuberculosis remains a challenge for Namibia, with 9 000 people diagnosed with the disease last year alone.

Namibia records shocking number of illegal abortions

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Namibia has recorded a shocking number of illegal abortions among young women.

Namibia to implement laws to control GMOs

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-Namibia is moving forward in implementing bio-safety laws to control the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

NAMA organisers hold workshop for nominated artists

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-The organisers of NAMAs 2017 held a mandatory nominee workshop with artists nominated for the Namibian Annual Music Awards scheduled to take place in April this year.
The organisers gave the nominees a brief overview of the event and tips on how nominees should enhance their personal brand at the event.

Namibia soon to export asparagus to Spain

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Namibia could soon export the garden asparagus plant to Spain and other European countries.

No new outbreaks of army worms reported in Namibia so far

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No new outbreaks of army worms have been reported in Namibia so far.

Independence Celebrations 2017

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Namibia gained independence from South Africa on 21 March 1990.

Chinese Embassy says witch-hunts will damage its good relations with Namibia

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The Charge de Affairs of the Chinese Embassy, has warned that alleged witch-hunts against the Chinese community in Namibia will damage the good relations between the two countries.

#BusinessToday | Namibian beef doing fairly well in Hong Kong markets

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Namibia needs to be fierce in promoting and marketing its beef exports to Hong Kong.