Teach One, One-Teach All project launched

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Namibia is making strides in its fight against HIV and is ahead of many African countries in terms of reducing the pandemic.

Kavetuna worried about high teenage pregnancy rate

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The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services has expressed concern about the high teenage pregnancy rate in Namibia. Speaking during the launch of the Anti-retroviral Treatment (ART) 'Teach One, One Teach All' project at Eenhana in the Ohangwena Regtion, Juliet Kavetuna said it was a worrisome issue seeing that the ministry had made provision for free contraceptives.

Tribalism can cause war-Information Minister

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Namibians have been called upon to refrain from tribalism as it can divide the nation and cause wars.

All roads lead to Walvis tomorrow

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Thousands of Namibians are expected to honour the heroes and heroines of the liberation struggle at Walvis Bay on Friday.

President Geingob addresses Rossing Uranium employees

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As Namibians pay homage to the country's fallen heroes on Friday, President Hage Geingob is reminding those at the forefront of the economic struggle to forge ahead on the foundation laid through sacrifices.

Set up youth sport support systems-Sandro de Gouveia

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A former Brave Warriors star, says there is need to set up youth sport support systems if Namibia is to participate and be competitive in international sport.

Namibia urged to adopt sustainable approaches to water resources use

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Namibia needs to adopt more sustainable approaches to the use and management of water resources and needs to move from crisis management to risk management in water-related disasters. That was said by the Country Representative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, on Monday.

USAID to assist Namibia

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The United States Agency for International Development, USAID has heeded to Namibian government's call for assistance in addressing and mitigating the effects of the current devastating drought.

Bush encroachment creates a unique opportunity for farmers and the economy-NAU

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The Namibia Agricultural Union, NAU, says bush encroachment creates a unique opportunity for farmers and the economy. A statement by the NAU noted that bush encroachment can be a valuable resource if transformed into biomass to create energy and new value chains.

Five suicides reported

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Three cases of murder, five suicides, three culpable homicide and two rape as well as armed robbery and reckless and negligent driving were reported over the weekend. The incidents were recorded by the police in nine regions across Namibia.