About 1 000 Batswana of Namibian descent to sign up for voluntary repatriation

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-Close to 1 000 Batswana of Namibian descent have expressed their interest in signing up for 2019 voluntary repatriation exercise.

Namibian author Ellen Ndeshi Namhila launches book

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-A book titled 'Little Research Value African Estate Records and Colonial Gaps in a Post-Colonial National Archive' was launched.

Namibian students urged to apply for South African study permits on time

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-Namibian students who intend to pursue studies in South Africa are urged to do so in time and not wait until the last minute.

#BusinessToday | Namibian enterprises investing in companies and local economy

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-With emphasis firmly on growth at home and local value addition, some Namibian enterprises are striving to show commitment by investing in companies and also in the local economy.

#BusinessToday | Namibian companies re-strategise to stay afloat

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-Several companies in Namibia have to re-strategise to ensure that they stay in business regardless of the country's economic situation.

Senior citizens pray for peace and harmony in 2018

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Peace and harmony is what the elderly at the Katutura Old Age Home wish for as they welcomed the year 2018.

Chinese ambassador grateful for efforts to address negative perceptions of Chinese nationals

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-The Chinese ambassador to Namibia is happy with efforts to change negative perceptions about Chinese nationals.

#BusinessToday | More than 700 000 Namibians live on credit

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-More than 700 000 people of Namibia's 2,5 million population are living on credit.

Namibian education system in dire need of 'role model' teachers

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-The Namibian education system needs teachers who are role models, lead by example, influence and inspire learners to achieve inclusive and equitable quality education as well as life-long learning for all.

Namibians urged to consume at least 70 kilograms of fish per year

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By next year, each Namibian must consume at least 70 kilograms of fish per year, following the example of countries like Norway and Japan.