Oshikoto NamPol investigates concealment of birth, rape incidents

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-The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Oshikoto Region on Sunday arrested a 34-year-old woman from Ombalayamumbwenge Village on charges of attempted murder and concealment of birth.

NAMPOL dismisses claims that crime prevention patrols target only certain areas in Windhoek

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-The Police in the Khomas Region dismissed claims that crime prevention patrols target only certain areas in Windhoek.

NAMPOL urge Khomas residents on holiday to alert police stations so their properties can be monitored

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-NAMPOL Acting Regional Commander, Ismael Basson has urged Khomas residents who are leaving their properties untended to alert police stations in their areas for monitoring.

NamPol Khomas commander hospitalised after positive COVID-19 test

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-The Commander of the Namibian Police Force in the Khomas Region, Commissioner Joseph Shikongo, has been hospitalised after testing positive for the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

NAMPOL to start using breathalysers

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The Namibian Police will return to the use of alcohol breathalysers.

NamPol caution public on latest vehicle scam

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-The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) warned the public to be on alert about the latest scammers targeting desperate vehicle buyers through providing falsified documents bearing forged signatures and soliciting funds under false claims.

Namibia Innate Supplies donates sanitisers and disinfectants to NAMPOL

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In an effort to ensure that police officer are protected from COVID-19 infections, the Namibia Innate Supplies company donated sanitisers and disinfectants at a cost of about N$58 000 to the Khomas Police.

Commissioner Hophni Hamufungu retires after 24 years with NAMPOL

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-After 24 years in the police service, Commissioner Hophni Vaefeni Hamufungu has retired.

Teacher robbed of over N$20 000 at Ondangwa

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-A 56-year-old Namibian female teacher was robbed of over N$20 000 by two men on Saturday around 10h00 at Shinime.

Police share diplomats' concern for safety - Ndeitunga

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-NAMPOL's Inspector General Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga says the police share in security concerns raised by the diplomatic community, and are making inroads in cleaning criminals off the city streets.