NamPower, Paratus sign fibre optic services agreement

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-NamPower says it has still more space available on its fibre optic network, the Grid Online, which was launched earlier this year.

NamPower Foundation donates energy monitoring equipment

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The NamPower Foundation donated energy monitoring equipment to educational institutions valued at N$500 000.

Reports of a nation-wide power outage a hoax

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Reports of a nation-wide power outage on Friday, are false.

Windhoek power outage caused by broken conductor at Hoffnung Sub Station

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NamPower has confirmed that the power outage experienced in the capital at around one o'clock today was caused by a broken conductor at Hoffnung Sub Station, located 18 kilometers east of Windhoek

Local companies donate towards National Youth Games

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-Windhoek-As Namibia readies to host the first-ever National Youth Games, scheduled to take place from the 10th to the 13th of May, local companies continue to pledge generously towards the event.

NamPower issues Ruacana flood alert

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-NamPower wishes to warn residents downstream of Ruacana Hydropower Station to be on high flood alert.

NamPower workers' salary negotiations reach deadlock

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-The Mineworkers Union (MUN) and NamPower union representatives are dissatisfied with the company's management, specifically the newly appointed board, who they termed are negotiating in bad faith during the deliberations for wage increment.

NamPower signs another five-year sales agreement with Eskom

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-Nampower has signed another five-year electricity sales agreement with South Africa's power utility Eskom.

Towns owing NamPower face threat of power supply cuts

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Towns under threat of having their power supply cut by Nampower on Wednesday, have paid up more than N$5 million since Friday.

NamPower sets final payment deadline for local authorities

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The national power utility NamPower, has given a deadline to village councils, municipalities and settlements with long overdue accounts, to settle these accounts soonest, or face the risk of being disconnected from the power grid.