NANTU says government is violating its own laws

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The Namibia National Teacher's Union (NANTU) is accusing government of allegedly violating its own laws aimed at regulating labour relations.

NANTU warns against cutting Government wage bill in social sector

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-The Namibian National Teachers' Union (NANTU) has warned the government to ensure the process of addressing of the increase in wage bill costs does not affect social sectors.

Nantu rejects performance based remuneration

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-The Namibia National Teachers' Union has rejected the idea that teachers be remunerated according to their performance.

'Hanse-Himarwa not fit to serve as education minister'-NANTU

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Following the agreement between government and NANTU at State House, NANTU later launched a scathing attack on Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, saying she was not fit to hold the position of education minister.

Teachers' strike called off

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The nation-wide teachers' strike has been called off.

Government, NANTU reach consensus

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Teachers will get a 5% salary increase this financial year, and a 9% for the 2017/2018 financial year.

LaRRI urges government and NANTU to find common ground

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Even though teaching is not declared an essential service, it is a profession which cannot be compromised.

Countrywide teacher strike set for 13th October

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The Namibia National Teachers' Union - NANTU, has given a seven working-day notice for the strike.

Government and NANTU deadlocked over strike rules

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Negotiations between the Government negotiating team and the NANTU on the rules for the impending strike have reached a deadlock.

NANTU and Government yet to agree on strike rules.

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The are still some disputes around the negotiations between the government and the teachers union -NANTU on the rules of the strike.