National Assembly

Defence Minister says he cannot respond to state security questions in the NA

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-Defence Minister Peter Vilho has reiterated that he cannot respond to questions related to state security in the National Assembly (NA).

President Geingob urges SWAPO MPs in the NA to present well-researched debates

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-SWAPO Party lawmakers in the National Assembly are urged to present well-researched debates at all times.

SWAPO Chief Whip dismisses claims by opposition parties on parliamentary standing committees

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-Swapo Party Chief Whip in the National Assembly has dismissed claims by opposition parties that the party wants to use its majority in the House, to occupy more parliamentary standing committees.

Opposition MPs walk out of NA following rejection of motion on national reconciliation

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-Some opposition MPs walked out of the National Assembly after the motion on national reconciliation was rejected.

Several MPs support treaty for establishment of African Medicines Agency

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-Several MP's in the National Assembly are in support of the treaty for the establishment of the African Medicines Agency to cater for the continent's medicine needs, management and regulation.

National Assembly to resume normal business today after passing 2020/2021 Appropriation Bill

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-The National Assembly will start with its normal business today after concluding and passing the 2020/2021 Appropriation Bill late last night.

MPs say NBC's editorial policy favour SWAPO

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-Several opposition Members of Parliament (MP) criticised the NBC's editorial policy, describing it as biased and only favouring SWAPO.

Republican Party MP Clara Gowases has died

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-Republican Party MP in the National Assembly, Clara Gowases has died.

National Assembly approves finance, public enterprises' budget allocations

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-The National Assembly approved the budget allocation of N$6,2 billion for the Finance Ministry and N$1,4 billion for the Ministry of Public Enterprises on Tuesday.

National Assembly observes a minute of silence in honour of George Floyd

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-The National Assembly observed a minute of silence in honour of an African-American man George Floyd who was killed by police officers over a week ago.