National Land Conference

Second National Land Conference recommendations

by editor1 / Oct 05, 2018 / 0 comments
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Namibian Presidency

-Here are some of the recommendations by the second National Land Conference as presented by the Secretary to Cabinet George Simataa.

NAU to submit input for the second National Land Conference

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-The Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) says it will submit input to the second National Land Conference as its contribution to successful land reform in the country.

Second National Land Conference logo unveiled

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An official logo of the second National Land Conference has been unveiled.

Omaheke residents want land conference to tackle ancestral land rights

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Residents of Omaheke are calling for a national referendum to address issues such as ancestral land rights and past injustices on land ownership.

Land Reform Minister says preparations for next national land conference well on track

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Preparations for hosting of the Land Conference are well on track with preliminary work already completed.

Zambezi residents consulted on upcoming land conference

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The Zambezi Region held its preparatory meeting for the upcoming land conference at Katima Mulilo on Thursday to gather the views of the region's inhabitants on land issues, prior to the National Land Conference slated for September this year.