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National Radio was established shortly after Namibia’s independence in 1992 and it broadcasts in the official language, English. It covers 98 percent of the country on varying frequencies for different areas.
Since its transformation from National Service in 1992, National radio has undergone fundamental changes just as the corporation and the Namibian nation have. National Radio became the first station to broadcast in stereo in 1994. Another milestone was achieved in 1996 when the digitalization of studios was completed with the installation of Dalet 5.1 which has since been replaced with Dalet-Plus. The benefits of the system are that all music is handled by computer thus the listener is assured of a balanced variety of music within each hour. Editing of programme material is also done digitally.

National Radio prides itself of not only being the voice of the nation but also as a player in the process of nation building. Through programmes such as the popular “People’s Parliament”, a phone-in programme where listeners call in with their concerns and opinions about any issue, National Radio has played a key role in promoting the democratic principles of free speech and expression. National Radio is on air 24/7 with a variety of programmes catering for all sections of the Namibian population. Presently National Radio’s programme schedule starts at 06hrs to 24 hrs and stays on air with automated music till 06:00 the next morning.
The station has a staff compliment of ten (10) permanent and contract producers, and eight (8) freelanzce producers. The manager of the station is Mwala Muchila.