150 Families affected by fires at Walvis Bay in 2018

150 Families affected by fires at Walvis Bay in 2018
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The Deputy Fire Chief at Mautamanene Fire Station in Walvis Bay says fire outbreaks impacted 150 families at the town last year.
Tutaleni Kathindi has told NBC News that the station responded to 79 emergency calls of which 30 involved burning shacks, 23 involved burning houses and four involved burning vessels.
Kathindi says construction of many shacks in a small area, illegal power connections, candles and stoves left burning and minors playing with matches were the leading causes of fire-outbreaks.
The deputy fire chief has noted that a 250 square metre erf usually has 15 to 20 shacks built on it, making access difficult and worsening impact, when fires break out.
He says people trying to cook late at night after a night out were the other victims of fire-outbreaks.
Kathindi says having 150 families affected by fires, which could have been prevented, is unfortunate.
He has advised that residents make use of certified electricians for the installation of their power, to avoid cooking after consuming alcohol, and for parents to keep a close eye on their children.