Air Namibia repatriation flight lands

Air Namibia repatriation flight lands
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Namibian Embassy in Germany

A total of 127 people, who were stranded in foreign countries, landed at the Hosea Kutako International Airport this morning.
Air Namibia manager of sales, Ebson Ngondo confirmed the arrival, including four Batswana, following a delay due to technical problems with the aircraft in Frankfurt, Germany yesterday.
All Namibian passengers will be kept in mandatory quarantine for 14 days for observation and subsequent clearance of any COVID-19 symptoms and status.
Air Namibia chartered the flight to London and Frankfurt on Monday to expatriate the locals after global airlines cancelled flights to curb the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Ngondo also indicated that the four Botswana nationals will be escorted by the Namibian Police to their country's border, immediately.
Also on the flight we're 90 boxes of health materials that the Namibian Embassy in Germany collected from donors in Germany and Poland.