Alcohol and drug abuse among youth a concern-Berseba village

Alcohol and drug abuse among youth a concern-Berseba village
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Residents of Berseba village in the //Karas region said they have had enough of alcohol and drug abuse, especially among the youth.
They also complained about the high unemployment rate at the village.
The concerns were raised at a meeting with the National Council Women's Caucus at the village on Tuesday.
The residents said the availability of intoxicating substances is destroying young people as many no longer focus on their studies, leading to an increase in the school drop-out rate.
Women, who were the majority at the gathering, said it was disheartening that some of the dagga smugglers are mothers, who sell drugs to the children of others.
They complained about shebeens operating beyond prescribed hours and called for the establishment of a permanent police station at the village.
The concerned residents were advised to follow procedures by engaging their traditional chiefs to take up the issue with shebeen owners.
Police at the gathering encouraged the residents to report drug smugglers so they can be put under surveillance and arrested.
In response, National Council Chairperson Margaret Mensah-Williams urged the residents to promote cultural tourism which will improve their living standards and create jobs.
She said the village is located strategically along the B1 national road, making it ideal for business-oriented people to attract tourists and invest in the village.
Mensah-Williams advised the residents to make Nama dresses, beads, reed huts, promote their language, form Nama-stap dance groups and market their products to foreign and local tourists.