Anthrax outbreak in Bwabwata National Park confirmed

Anthrax outbreak in Bwabwata National Park confirmed
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The Environment and Tourism Ministry has confirmed that it is indeed an anthrax outbreak that killed more than 100 hippos at the Mahango Core Area in the western part of the Bwabwata National Park.
Representatives from the ministries of Environment, Agriculture and Health, as well as veterinarians from Botswana met on Wednesday to devise a plan to contain the outbreak.
The plan includes the immediate removal and burning of carcasses from the water as well as an emergency vaccination of domestic animals in the area over the next two weeks.
They will also attempt to find people who may have been expose to the bacteria in the communities who live in the area.
Communities have been urged not to touch or eat dead animals, to immediately report it to officials and that those who think they might have been exposed to the bacteria, immediately report to a health centre.
Dr. Milton Maseke, Chief Veterinarian Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry said they will continuously monitor the situation over the next two weeks.
The ministry also explained that removing hippo carcasses is an extremely challenging task, especially when such carcasses have decomposed but it is working around the clock to ensure that it does.
The ministry has not established if the buffalo carcasses found is related to the anthrax outbreak.