APP demands recount of 2020’s Ndonga Linena Constituency elections

APP demands recount of 2020’s Ndonga Linena Constituency elections
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The All People’s Party (APP) through its legal representative, Henry Shimutwikeni Company Incorporated, is demanding a recount of the November 2020 Regional Council and Local Authority elections in the Ndonga Linena Constituency.
The election results for Ndonga Linena indicate that the APP’s Djami Balthazar Daniel received 1 061 votes while SWAPO party’s Kampota Michael Shiwana won with 1 073 votes.
The Popular Democratic Movement’s (PDM), Shipapo Kassian Kayeye received 146 votes, while Independent Patriots for Change’s (IPC) Patrick Shiyemo got 70.
The Ndonga Linena Constituency in the Kavango East Region has no local authority and a total of 2 250 votes were counted during that election.
“Immediately after the announcement of the Ndonga Linena results last year and being certain of our victory in the said constituency, we took a resolution to instruct our lawyer to write to the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) for a recount,” APP secretary general Vincent Kanyetu said on Monday.
Kanyetu said the party’s records gave them a clear picture that they won in the Ndonga Linena Constituency with “probably 100 more votes than Swapo”.
He alleged that the spoiled ballots of the APP were increased in order for the ruling party to win.
Kanyetu claimed that 40 ballot papers were made to look like they were spoiled while they were not.
“Ballots, where APP electorates voted in the face of their candidate, were counted as spoiled whilst for the ruling party it was counted as a vote,” he complained.
These, he said, are the votes they are disputing.
“The matter is now before the court since ECN decided not to reply to our lawyer after being given a number of days to do so,” Kanyetu stated.
ECN Manager of Communications, Lina Ndengu said they were aware of the matter but could not share more as the matter is with their legal representative right now.
A court order reads that the matter is set down for hearing on 19 March 2021 and will be heard before Deputy Judge-President, Justice Hosea Angula.
Meanwhile, the SWAPO regional coordinator in the Kavango East Region, Ottilie Shinduvi said the ruling party was pronounced the winner by ECN in that constituency.
She said if the matter has gone to court it is between APP and ECN and has nothing to do with SWAPO.