Arandis NIMT students want Mathematics standards lowered

Arandis NIMT students want Mathematics standards lowered
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More than 100 students at the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) in Arandis boycotted classes on Friday.
They are against NIMT's decision to enforce certain requirements of qualifying for final examinations.
Executive Director, Eckhart Mueller was ambushed as students demanded free tickets to sit for final exams.
For theoretical mathematics, NIMT uses a South African programme for final exams, which comes with its own requirements.
To qualify for final exams, a student needs to get a year-end mark of 40% or higher.
Vilho Mbida says those that do not get 40% are kicked out of the system.
Other students who did Grade 12 maths on Core level say the standards at NIMT are too high and that’s why they failed.
But lowering the standards is an idea the NIMT management will not entertain.
The Examinations Principal, Domingos Barros says current standards must be kept to meet investors’ needs for skilled artisans.
He explained that lack of skills gives a chance to expatriates to take up the jobs.
Management compromised by agreeing to allow students that fail the first internal examination to sit for a supplementary exam, in a bid to qualify for finals.