Avid presentencing hearing delayed

Avid presentencing hearing delayed
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The presentencing hearing of the Avid five had been delayed in the High Court when the state could not provide grounds for aggravation because there are no investigators assigned to the case any longer.
After being pressed by judge Christie Liebenberg on what information they want to put to court the state replied that it is about the accused bank statements and title deeds of properties.
The five people found guilty are former deputy minister of works, transport and communication, Paulus Kapia; Avid Investment administrator Inez //Gases; former acting secretary general of the National Youth Council (NYC) Ralph Blaauw; his wife Sharon Blaauw and chief executive officer of Namangol Asset Management Company, Nico Josea.
Sharon Blaauw was found guilty of contravening the Companies Act of 2004 because she signed documents without reading them properly.
The judge made it clear to the State that they were in court to proceed and granted a brief recess for consultation between the state and defence lawyers.
The group were found guilty in connection with the Social Security Commission case where their company, Avid Investment Corporation, was tasked to invest N$30 million in early 2005.