Cabinet approves the proposed amendments to the Property Valuers Profession Act

Cabinet has approved the proposed amendments to the Property Valuers Profession Act Number Seven of 2012.
Information and Communication Technology Minister Tjekero Tweya says Cabinet has further authorised the Land Reform Minister to table amendments in the National Assembly.
It has approved the proposed Uniform Matrimonial Property Regime Bill to repeal the Native Administration Proclamation Number 15 of 1982.
It also tasked the Justice Minister to table the said Bill at the Cabinet Committee on Legislation for further scrutiny, before it could be tabled by the Home Affairs and Immigration Minister in the National Assembly.
Tweya says Cabinet took note of the eighth Progress Report of the Fourth National Development Plan.
It has approved the report and directed the National Planning Commission to share it with stakeholders as per the stipulation of NDP4.
Cabinet also approved the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan with effect from this year.
Tweya noted that Cabinet took note of the Integrated National Performance Framework and approved it for launch and roll out, subject to the incorporation of a planning system into the framework.
Cabinet members were directed to participate in the Framework's launch activities.