China's N$840 billion pledge to Africa not meant for debt trap

China's N$840 billion pledge to Africa not meant for debt trap
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Namibian Presidency

The N$840 billion pledged to Africa by China is not intended to accumulate African countries' debt, but help them develop.
Chinese Special Representative on African Affairs, Xu Jinghu made the remark during a press conference in Beijing on Tuesday.
She said China considers Africa a sister partner in development and no decision will be taken to worsen any situation Africans may be going through.
Xu was responding to a journalist, who asked if the N$840 billion revealed as a pledge by China to Africa would not worsen the the continent's debt situation.
The special representative said the funds in question will be provided in various ways, like free loans and special funding, to fit in with Africa's development strategy.
She explained that discussions will be held with African states to draw up relevant projects, in key areas of interest, as a model to sufficiently use the N$840 billion for its purpose.
Xu said it is on record that China is not topping the list of countries that are indebted.
She further said the Forum on China-Africa Co-operation (FOCAC), availed a platform where parties discussed best ways China and Africa can work together for mutual benefits.