Chinese tourists robbed on Uis-Usakos road

Chinese tourists robbed on Uis-Usakos road
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Four Chinese tourists were robbed of their belongings on the Uis-Usakos gravel road on Saturday.
A report by the Erongo Police says that the tourists were travelling in a Land Cruiser when the incident happened 10 Kilometres from Uis.
The tourists reportedly parked their car on the side of the road, left it unguarded and went in the field to take pictures.
On their return, they allegedly found one of the car windows smashed, while a toolkit and a bag containing papers were missing.
The Erongo police in the past three months received three other reports were international tourists were robbed in broad daylight.
Polish and German tourists were victims in the robberies on the Walvis Bay-Soussevlei and Uis-Usakos roads.
In the previous muggings, tourists identified three male thugs travelling in a silver sedan car as the perpetrators.
The Police are urging people in those targeted areas to be vigilant and report suspicious vehicles without registration numbers or those parked next to the roads to the police.