COVID-19 a wake-up call for improved productivity - Shinguadja

COVID-19 a wake-up call for improved productivity - Shinguadja
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The Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation said the Coronavirus crisis is a wake-up call for organised business and labour to be well-positioned and to be given the responsibility to drive the 'productive at work' agenda.
A media statement recently issued by the Executive Director in the ministry, Bro-Matthew Shinguadja, said productivity requires a skilled and knowledgeable workforce as well as local expertise.
It said this can be realised through an education system that is aligned to industry needs, appropriately trained staff in the right positions, appropriate equipment, responsive technology changes, as well as innovation and creativity, which expose the workforce to learning, development and value addition and policies geared towards these key creatives.
“The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. Like in any crisis, there are opportunities brought about by the pandemic. Policymakers and businesses should do market research, identify current product-demand on the market and focus on continuous quality and value addition to their products, services and goods in order to build more reserves, be more competitive and resilient,” he said.
Shinguadja went on to say businesses should also invest in training and development to have a competent and skilled workforce, while adequate budget allocation should be steered towards scientific research, infrastructure development and adaption to technology.
Highlighting the benefits of productivity, Shinguadja said the ministry has urged positive attitudes in employees, a participatory approach to problem-solving, better working conditions, job security and development of skills, adding that employers too should gain the capacity to provide better services in more effective and efficient ways.
“A productive public sector is also required to build a strong work-ethic based culture of qualities such as integrity; responsibility; respect of laws and rules; respect of rights of citizens as a whole; passion for work; punctuality; attendance and accountability,” he added.