Disciplinary hearings for drunk Air Namibia flight crew to start next week

Disciplinary hearings for drunk Air Namibia flight crew to start next week
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Air Namibia

Disciplinary hearings for four Air Namibia crew members, who delayed a flight for over six hours, from Johannesburg to Namibia, due to excessive alcohol consumption, will start as early as next week.
The four, who include three flight attendants and one first officer, were declared unfit to board the aircraft on Monday, after a random alcohol test by the airline.
They were suspended on Wednesday, shortly after they were given 24 hours to provide reasons why they should not be charged with contravening international aviation safety rules.
Flight SW722 was fully booked with 121 passengers, whose lives were disrupted by the reckless actions of the flight crew, says Nakawa.
One of the flight operators bluntly refused to be tested for alcohol, and an investigation into his conduct is underway.
The airline had to dispatch a crew from the capital to assume the duty of the culprits, Nakawa told NBC News on Thursday.
He says Air Namibia has a zero tolerance policy on the contravention of such sensitive rules, which often result in an immediate dismissal.
The airline has also been cancelling flights due to malfunctioning landing gear of one of its aircraft.
Another Airbus A319 has also been declared unfit to fly after it was bumped by a truck while in a parking bay at a Johannesburg airport.
Nakawa says they have received an overwhelming number of complaints from passengers following the incident.