Documentary filmed in Namibia in UK top 10

Documentary filmed in Namibia in UK top 10
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A documentary film, produced during the annual Damara Traditional and Cultural Festival in Namibia last year (2016) has made it to the top 10 list of Arts and Humanities Research Councils, UK Film Awards.
The United Kingdom-based research group has selected the 45-minute documentary called the 'Damara King Festival' out of 150 submitted films.
The documentary on Damara cultural rituals and practices has been screened at various cultural and traditional research platforms and seminars in the UK.
Bebe /Huseb, Marketing Officer of the Damara Traditional and Cultural Festival, says the film was chosen because of its quality and cultural richness.
It is customary for all 33 Damara sub-tribes to meet in Okombahe during the first weekend in November every year, to celebrate their traditional and cultural rituals, eat cultural food, sing songs, dance and play their music.
The award ceremony will take place on Saturday in the UK, and the preparatory committee has sent Rosa Namises to attend and bring back any award the group hopes to receive.