ECN launches Local Authority Elections voter education strategy

ECN launches Local Authority Elections voter education strategy
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Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has launched the 2020 Regional Council and Local Authority Elections voter and civic education strategy.
ECN also unveiled its COVID-19 mitigation strategy for the forthcoming elections.
The launch was held under the theme 'Ensuring Inclusive and Credible Elections Amidst COVID-19'.
The supplementary registration of voters for the upcoming regional and local authority elections will start on 7 and end on 15 September.
The nomination process will commence on 29 September to 16 October, while nominations of Independent Candidates will be held on 14 October.
The special voting will be on 23 November while the actual day of voting for all eligible voters is on 25 November.
The current national voters register has a total of 1 351 898 voters, of which 52% are young people.
ECN's Chief Electoral and Referanda Officer, Theo Mujoro says they will have a huge responsibility to educate eligible voters, especially the youth.
Mujoro said, "our campaign for the forthcoming elections would seek to encourage young people to register as voters with the view to increase voter participation."
People whose voter cards are marked "not applicable for local authority" are advised to register during the supplementary registration to be able to participate in the elections.
Mujoro urges those who have lost their cards and those who have moved to other constituencies to re-register.
"In terms of ECN Act we have to conduct a supplementary registration process. The objective is to make sure that we register people who turned 18 years. We also hope to capture people who are moved from one constituency to the next, person who have lost their voters registration cards and people who qualify for registration in terms of Section 22, Subsection 1 of the Electoral Act," said Mujoro.
Ballot papers will be used this time as the electronic voting machines without a verifiable paper trail ave been outlawed.