The Environment Ministry monitors the drought situation across Namibia

The Environment and Tourism Ministry is monitoring the drought situation across Namibia and its impact on wildlife.
The ministry says it is working hard to prevent unnecessary deaths of wild animals as a result of the drought.
Minister Pohamba Shifeta told the media in Windhoek on Wednesday that where drought was severe, some animals might be killed and the meat given to communities to fight hunger, while some might be relocated.
Shifeta stressed that this would be done in a sustainable manner without depleting animal numbers.
He explained that the Government could not allow wild animals to die while people were starving.
The minister pointed out that the situation in the country was generally good, except some areas in the south and in the Kunene Region, as well as Daan Viljoen, where the drought was severe.
The situation in bigger national parks such as Etosha, Bwabwata and Namibia Naukluft is still manageable to reach the next rainy season.