Erongo Governor assures 600 Seaflower employees that they would not lose their jobs

Erongo Governor assures 600 Seaflower employees that they would not lose their jobs
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Erongo Governor Neville Andre has assured the more than 600 employees of Seaflower Pelagic at Walvis Bay that they would not lose their jobs as the company has received additional fishing quotas.
Employees staged a demonstration last month, demanding that the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources allocates the company quotas.
"This is basically to ensure that they reemploy the workers, the fishing workers that are were working for that specific company. And I also just want to thank the minister and the new board of Fishcor, for really addressing this situation. The main priority that they were looking at was the reemployment of the workers," said Andre.
The Governor further said the plight of other fishermen who have been on strike since 2015 is also being addressed.
"I've been in contact with the Minister of Fisheries and also informed that reemploying striking workers at Kuisebmund has commenced. Companies are engaged in terms of taking them up," he said.
Andre said Erongo is endowed with natural resources such as fishing and mining, therefore, the citizens of the region are supposed to suffer.
"Those companies and those resources should be used to the advantage of the people. Of course not only Erongo but the entire country. I have had an engagement with the the fishing industry in terms of housing. I have also tasked them to put up a committee to look at how do they'll start building units or houses for their workers because most of their workers are the ones at the backyard shacks and they are to come back to me with a proposal that we will present to the municipality of Walvis Bay," he said.