Filmmaker Oshosheni Hivelua has died

Filmmaker Oshosheni Hivelua has died
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Namibian filmmaker Oshosheni Hivelua has died in Windhoek Central Hospital on Wednesday night after a short illness.
She was 36 years old.
Hivelua has been in the film industry for over a decade and has written and directed narrative films such as 'Tjitji the Himba Girl', '100 Bucks' and 'Cries at Night'.
Her films have been screened at numerous film festivals around the world and have been awarded several prizes.
Namibian filmmakers who have known and worked with her are still in disbelief.
Vickson Hangula, a Namibian filmmaker who played a role in Hivelua's film career, believes that she has paved the way for Namibian women filmmakers.
She was a judge at the Namibia Theatre and Film Awards that took place over the weekend.
Florence Haifene, the Executive Secretary of Namibia Film Commission described Oshosheni Hivelua's death as a loss to the Namibian film industry.
At the time of her death, she was working on a new Southern African Project called the Village Tap.