First Rundu COVID-19 victim buried at Sarasungu

First Rundu COVID-19 victim buried at Sarasungu
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The first COVID-19-related death recorded in the Kavango East Region was buried on Sunday at the Sarasungu Cemetery.
The man whose age is not known died from the virus six days ago, the Governor of the region, Bonny Wakudumo told the media on Sunday.
With five new cases announced on Saturday, the region now has 15 confirmed positive cases.
Wakudumo, who extended his condolences to the bereaved family, cautioned residents of the region that the pandemic is real and with the rising number of cases over the past few days, urged residents to stay safe and practice social distancing while wearing masks at all times.
The Governor called on residents to rather stay home and avoid being in public spaces when not necessary.
Wakudumo said although quarantine facilities and items such as hospital beds are not adequate as the region also accommodates COVID-19 patients from the Kavango West Region, it is busy addressing and looking at identifying new facilities.
Wakudumo said a meeting involving various offices and ministries will be held on Monday that will look at issues of COVID-19 in the region.