Geingob marks Swapo's 61 years

Geingob marks Swapo's 61 years
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SWAPO party President Dr Hage Geingob said more still needs to be done to ensure exclusive development and shared prosperity to the people of Namibia.
Geingob made the remarks in a media statement availed to mark the party’s 61st Anniversary on Sunday.
He said if the party's past successful execution of the liberation mandate is a guidepost, then the party should continue fulfilling the noble mission of creating conditions for all Namibians to excel and to prosper in a free and peaceful country because the party's 2019 election manifesto provides the basis for government blueprint of hard work, effective governance and a future of prosperity for all Namibians.
"As we celebrate our 61st Anniversary, we should do so with the understanding that we all have a duty to collectively contribute to the development and peaceful advancement of an organised, modernised and well-governed Namibia. Let us all put shoulder to the wheel and work with determination for our national aspirations as envisioned in vision 2030, the SWAPO party manifesto and the second Harambee Prosperity Plan," said Geingob.
Namibians, he added should continue to promote the values of solidarity, unity, tolerance and justice, because the Swapo party-led government has managed to bring tangible changes to the country since independence.
"As we look forward into the future with hope, we should acknowledge that our successive leadership and government reduced poverty from 70% in 1993 to 18% in 2016. It is the SWAPO party government which has ensured that we are a nation at peace, 90% of learners are in school, more health facilities are built and we have the best roads in Africa," stated Geingob.
While the Coronavirus outbreak poses material risks to the developmental gains of the past 31 years, Geingob noted that Namibians as committed people should stand united with the government in order to minimise the health and socio-economic impact of COVID-19 through continued purposeful interventions and an economic recovery program under the Harambee Prosperity Plan II.