Geingob praises Sida Di/Goan initiative

Geingob praises Sida Di/Goan initiative
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President Hage Geingob on Friday expressed delight with the Sida Di/Goan initiative, which specialises in repairing the broken chairs, tables and beds of schools in the Kunene Region.
The initiative, which was founded by Kunene Governor, Marius Sheya in December 2018, and translates to "Our Children, Our Responsibility" from Khoekhoegowab, was on Friday officially launched by Geingob at Kamanjab.
Geingob, during the launch, said the initiative is extraordinary as it cuts on the costs in purchasing new items, which are usually expensive and that the replication of this initiative in the other 13 regions is an absolute must and should be spearheaded by each regional governor.
“It is a worthy emulating example. It only needs human resource for labour,” he said, referring to the 14 volunteers who carry out the repairs.
On his part, Sheya announced that the programme has so far repaired a total of 2 000 school desks, 2 000 chairs and 216 beds for hostel dwellers, which were all broken and discarded at different schoolyards in Kamanjab.
Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, at the same event vowed to set aside a budget for this programme in each region going forward.
She said the challenge of broken chairs, desks and beds for hostel dwellers is an eyesore at most of the government schools, and therefore, repairing them with volunteers without going on tender would be the way forward.