Government addresses water scarcity

Government and public institutions directed to repair leaks and fix faulty plumbing
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Cabinet has directed the Government and public institutions to repair leaks and fix faulty plumbing which have contributing to water losses and high bills.
This comes as the latest intervention by the Government to address the water scarcity in the central areas of Namibia as a result of the prevailing drought.
Information and Communication Technology Minister Tjekero Tweya made the announcement at yesterday's media briefing on Cabinet decisions taken on Tuesday.
He noted that all offices, ministries and agencies were instructed by cabinet to use their maintenance budget with the assistance of the City of Windhoek.
The institutions were also directed to appoint one or two water marshals, who would solely be responsible to identify and report the water leakages within ministries.
These marshals will also conduct regular maintenance of their water reticulation system to detect and fix leaks, and supply metering on a weekly basis to ensure the early detection of water loss.