Government asked to rehabilitate boreholes

Government asked to rehabilitate boreholes
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Communities in the Linyanti Constituency of the Zambezi Region have called on the Government to rehabilitate boreholes that were dug in the area some years ago.
This follows the drying up of the Linyanti River and its tributaries, causing serious water shortages in the constituency for both humans and livestock.
The community held a consultative meeting with Councillor Cletius Sipapela at Kapani on Tuesday.
Throughout the years, the Zambezi Region has been the wettest in Namibia, even during periods of drought, but this year's insufficient rainfall has seen the greenery fading away steadily.
The waterway that connects the Chobe, Linyanti and Kwando rivers, did not have enough inflow this year, causing them to dry up.
In a desperate call for help, Malengalenga village headman James Lizazi urged the Government to rehabilitate old boreholes.
Lizazi noted that many boreholes were abandoned during sufficient rains, which led to the current water shortages, caused by the drought.
Sipapela noted that some farmers had apparently given up on retrieving their cattle from Botswana where they wandered off in search of grazing and water.