Government files notice of appeal regarding airport tender

The Government files a notice of appeal with the Supreme Court regarding the cancellation of HKIA
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Government has filed a notice of appeal with the Supreme Court, regarding the cancellation of the Hosea Kutako International Airport upgrading and renovation tender. Attorney-General Sacky Shanghala told NBC News that the appeal record has been finalised and filed with the Appeal Court. The appeal follows September's High Court judgment, which set aside the instruction by Works and Transport Minister Alpheus !Naruseb, to the Namibia Airports Company, to discontinue all activities relating to the upgrading and expansion of the airport. High Court Judge Shafimana Ueitele found that !Naruseb did not satisfy the conditions in Section Nine of the Airports Company Act of 1998, before exercising the powers given to him. The Court held that the Minister could only issue the directive, if he considered it necessary to the national security, or for the discharge of an international obligation of the State. It said this appeared not to be the case in the present matter. Judge Ueitele said that although the NAC endorsed the recommendation by its Board of Directors' Tender and Technical Committee to accept the expression of interest submitted by Anhui Foreign Economic Construction, the endorsement was not an award of the project to Anhui Construction.