Health Minister wants stricter rules for alcohol use

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The Health and Social Services Minister wants the alcohol limit for drivers to be done away with and rather for a zero alcohol limit to be introduced.
During his contribution to the Liquor Amendment Bill debate in the National Assembly on Tuesday, Dr Bernhard Haufiku announced that he made that recommendation to Government.
Haufiku called for stricter rules for regulating alcohol consumption in Namibia, saying these measures should include confiscation of driver's licences of repeat offenders, who drink and drive on national roads.
The minister further appealed for a ban on shebeens, cuca shops and alcohol outlets in residential areas.
Dr Haufiku suggested that an area should instead be created outside the residential areas, where such drinking places could be set up.
He expressed concern that shebeens have mushroomed to the extent that they are found at the back of almost every home countrywide.