Hundreds of crocodiles and hippos stranded in drying rivers of the Zambezi Region

Hundreds of crocodiles and hippos are stranded in drying rivers of the Zambezi Region.
They are facing certain death if nothing is done to save them and the only way for these animals to survive is relocation.
The intense drought experienced in Namibia is now taking its toll on dozens of crocodiles and hippos as they are trapped in their own environment without much movement due to the drying up of water sources in the region.
Hundreds of hippos are trapped in a tributary of the already dry Linyanti river in the Bamunu Conservancy.
The conservancy has already recorded up to 10 dead hippos and now fears that the whole population of both crocodiles and hippos would either trek to neighboring Botswana in search of water, or die from dehydration.
Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu last week visited the area and called for the immediate relocation of the hippos.
The Lake Liambezi and Chobe river are also drying up steadily.