Immigration to have an electronic biometric system

Immigration to have an electronic biometric system
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The Home Affairs and Immigration Ministry will introduce a locally developed system that will make Namibia less vulnerable to border security issues.
The Ministry launched a project in Windhoek on Tuesday, to upgrade its border management control system, aimed at building resilience against national security threats.
The electronic biometric system will enable immigration officials to detect wanted or black-listed persons, illegal immigrants and terrorists.
It also has the capability to detect infectious diseases carried by people, animals and plants, as well as illegal trade of substances or goods.
The system will further facilitate visitors more easily, something that has been problematic for the ministry.
Four-hundred immigration officials have already undergone training in preparation for the upgraded system.
Home Affairs Minister Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana says the upgrade is necessary to keep up with emerging world challenges in migration management.
But she points out that the new system will only be effective if immigration and border control officials dedicate time, efforts and skills to the course.
A local company Syntex Technologies developed the system.