Informal business owners support calls for them to pay tax

Informal business owners support calls for them to pay tax
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Some business owners in the informal sector say they support calls for businesses in this sector to start paying tax.
One such supportive business owner is Eddie Skrywer, who has traded in the electronics sector since 2015.
Skrywer said he makes over N$5 000 a month, which works out to about N$60 000 at the end of the year.
Skrywer explained that the national economy is currently weak and it is the right time to pay tax.
But, some businesses owners in the sector feel paying tax would be unfair to them.
Meat stand owner, Simon Djlende, at the Katutura Single Quarters 'Kapana' Meat Market noted that the sector is not fully recognised.
He said most of these businesses are not registered with the Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development Ministry.
Acting Chief Public Relations Officer in the Finance Ministry, Andreas Ileka, said it is challenging to try and impose taxes on this sector.
Ileka said while the ministry has no plans to enforce taxes, it is working on setting up a dedicated taxpayers' education unit.
He said the unit will raise awareness about tax and improve compliance among existing tax-payers.