IUM to help develop Namibia's blue economy

IUM to help develop Namibia's blue economy
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The International University of Management (IUM) will work at engaging stakeholders at the coast to ensure the development of the country's blue economy.
The blue economy entails sustainably using resources from the ocean for economic growth, improved livelihoods and creating jobs, while preserving the ocean's ecosystem.
IUM's Coastal Branch said the theme for its work over the next five years, will be: Our Contribution Towards the Blue Economy through Stakeholders Engagement.
To kick start its contribution towards supporting developing Namibia's Blue Economy, it had signed agreements with various tourism establishments and the Namibia Ports Authority.
The agreement with NamPort ensures that the port provide internships to IUM students, while the university will provide training to NamPort employees.
This collaboration will allow both institutions to use available expertise from both sides.
NamPort professional staff may be used as guest lecturers on specialised topics at IUM.
Both institutions will jointly participate or facilitate industry and academic seminars and conferences either of the parties hosts.