Joao Lourenco inaugurated as president of Angola

Joao Lourenco inaugurated as president of Angola
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Joao Lourenco was inaugurated as president of Angola today, at a ceremony in Luanda.
He succeeded Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who had been running Angola for 38 years.
Lourenco read an oath at the ceremony, and took power, after the ruling MPLA party won last month's election.
Outgoing President Dos Santos was at the ceremony, but is reportedly in poor health.
The People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola, MPLA, has governed since Angola's hard-fought independence from Portugal, in 1975.
The party won 61% of the vote in August, although this was a sharp drop in support from the previous election in 2012.
Amnesty International called for Lourenco to guide the country out of an economic crisis triggered by the fall in oil prices.
Dos Santos is to remain MPLA party chief and new laws limit the unfettered presidential power he enjoys.