Justice Ministry proposes changes to sale of immovable property law

Justice Ministry proposes changes to sale of immovable property law
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The Ministry of Justice has proposed changes to the Magistrate's Court and High Court Act in respect of sale of immovable property.
The proposed changes follows loss of property incidents, where owners were either duped into shady deals or to unfair court processes.
People, especially social groups who are more vulnerable, lose their homes without understanding the process that was followed, or with no opportunity to request these details.
Justice Minister Sacky Shanghala called for changes to the 1990 High Court Act, to create a substantive provision or rule in the format of Rule 108 of the Rules of High Court.
A further change would request of the Law Society of Namibia and perhaps the Land Reform Ministry to introduce an additional measure, when property is being transferred between family members, or where the transfer takes place within a short time, with a significant increase in price.
Any proposed legal action should cater for more transparent processes of auctioning.
Additionally, Shanghala said the rights of all interested parties must be protected and promoted.
But, the minister said the State has the duty to protect and promote the human rights of all citizens, especially society's most vulnerable.