Kalkfeld minibus accident victims identified

Kalkfeld minibus accident victims identified
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The driver of the minibus accident near Kalkfeld also passed on in Windhoek, bringing the number of fatalities to 14 people.
Thirteen died late Friday afternoon when a minibus carrying 42 occupants overturned near Kalkfeld.
The group was travelling from Okamatapati to Swakopmund for a church event.
Several others sustained serious to minor injuries and were taken to the Otjiwarongo State Hospital.
Some of the names identified are:
1. Justine Tjiuoro Hijarunguru, 55 female.
2. Uakasuva Eveline Katjeringo, 48 female.
3. Menesia Kaninganazo, age unknown female.
4. Runaa Humbuu Emgard, 37 female.
5. Siegfriend Hausiku age unknown male.
6. Kakuhire Katjeringo, 13 female.
7. Urioi Rukero, 29 female.
8. Mehepa Hepundjua Rukero, 7 female
9. Vizamuje Kavari, six months old male.
Four victims are still to be identified.