Kauandenge says young people should not expect power to be handed to them

Kauandenge says young people should not expect power to be handed to them
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The NUDO Youth League held its national executive committee meeting in the capital this morning. The party's secretary general, Joseph Kauandenge told the young politicians that life in party politics is not easy, as it is coupled with obstacles.
Kauandenge urged them to take the bull by its horns by remaining with the party and grow it, come what may.
As young people should not expect power to be handed over to them though, just because they are young, but they must carve their own niche in politics.
They too should come up with progressive ideas to make NUDO a formidable force that can attract young people from all walks of life.
"You owe it to the future generations to get involved in politics for the simple reason that the elders have already done their party and its is now your obligation to lead the second revolution which is economic emancipation of our people," said Kauandenge in a speech read on his behalf by Uaraa Uapingene.
He is of the opinion that NUDO will only progress beyond time and space, if young people are empowered and groomed to take over the leadership of the party along the way.
The national executive committee is expected to appoint the congress organising committee.
It will also discuss how the youth league can position itself to compete in majority, in the party's internal primaries for the upcoming regional and local authority elections.
"I want to caution you that as young people we will use you and dump you when we don't need you anymore. As young people you must be aware of this reality as it often repeats itself time and time again in all party formations, here and elsewhere in the world," said Kauandenge.