Keetmanshoop municipality accused of evicting orphans from a subsidised Autoline house

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A Keetmanshoop resident has accused the municipality of evicting two orphans from one of its subsidised Autoline houses in the Krönlein residential area.
Nampa reports that the town council allocated the house to a pensioner, Sophie Hartzenberg, who had been living in the house with the previous occupants.
The last occupant of the house was the mother of the two orphaned girls, who died in 2008, after the death of their father, Andries Cloete.
Cloete's niece, Salid Schultz, has since 2012 launched a battle to have the house assigned to the deceased's children.
The municipality re-allocated the house to Hartzenberg that year, although it was only officially transferred into her name a few months ago.
It argued that the Autoline houses belonged to the municipality and were meant primarily to assist pensioners.
Schultz refused to accept the arrangement and has since exhausted all available avenues to appeal.
She told Nampa that the municipality had acted unscrupulously by indicating that they only cared about the elderly and not about the children.
Schultz claimed that she appealed to local councillors, the Urban and Rural Development Ministry, former Governor Bernadus Swartbooi and the Ombudsman Office.
The latter responded to her in June this year that an investigation into the matter was closed.
Municipal Local Economic Manager, Jegg Christiaan, declared that the case had been closed.