Khorixas to cut water of defaulting clients

Khorixas to cut water of defaulting clients
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The Khorixas Town Council will suspend the water of its defaulting clients on 12 April 2021, the council’s chief executive officer, Andreas |Howoseb said.
|Howoseb on Thursday said residents failed to honour outstanding water debts on a monthly basis since the outbreak of COVID-19 reported in March 2020.
“Due to non-payments, the council’s daily operations are severely affected. Outstanding water debts from our clients have increased drastically. The council’s NamWater debt has been increasing because of not receiving payment for water and municipal services,” he said.
Information on outstanding debts availed to this agency indicates that businesses owe the council N$3 million for water, while N$10.1 million is owed for municipal services. The Education Ministry’s debt for water stands at N$488 974.15 and for municipal debt over N$5,3 million.
The Ministry of Health and Social Services’ debt for water stands at N$127 221.10 and municipal services debt at over N$3,1 million. Other Government institutions owe a combined amount of N$1 380 039.33 for water, and N$3 024 109.38 for municipal services.
|Howoseb said the council’s NamWater bill as of04 March 2021 stands at N$38 334 731.
“The council will only be able to pay NamWater once our clients start honouring their debts. I would like to advise the customers to come in and make payment arrangements. It is because of defaulting customers that were are unable to pay NamWater for bulk services. However what is also of great concern to the council is that the business community is also defaulting on payments as only 20 to 25% of our business clients are honouring their debts since the outbreak of the pandemic,” |Howoseb mentioned.
The council has started setting up prepaid water meters in the !Goas area where most pensioners reside, as well as standpipes for prepaid water to address the issue of non-payment.
“This way the customers can buy water while paying for water. The council plans to roll out the programme to willing customers,” said |Howoseb.