Khorixas residents owe town council over N$16 million

Khorixas residents owe town council over N$16 million
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The Khorixas Town Council was owed over N$16,2 million in outstanding water bills by the end of November 2020, the council’s chief executive officer, Andreas /Howoseb has said.
/Howoseb, in an interview with NAMPA, said this has affected the council’s debt with the Namibia Water Corporation (NamWater).
“We are facing several challenges in settling our bill with NamWater. The old challenges of the illegal water connections and leakages also resulted in an increase of the council’s bill with NamWater. We will therefore put in place measures to ensure that every resident pays their water bill so that the council can pay off its outstanding debt,” he said.
/Howoseb added that in addition to individual households' debt, the council is owed about N$122 878 by churches and charity organisations, while parastatals owe about N$262 404.
While debt collection has improved and illegal connections and water leakages have been minimised, all three factors still pose a problem.
“Council has made arrangements with its clients to settle the debt and further plans to rehabilitate old water boreholes to be used to supply water to the residents. I would like to urge residents to fix any leaks they come across and to also inform the council immediately if they see burst pipes so it can be fixed as soon as possible,” /Howoseb said.
He added that the council is working closely with NamWater to settle the outstanding debt. A NamWater official is stationed at the council under an intervention agreement to collect outstanding debt.