Khorixas State Hospital operates without backup electricity generator

Khorixas State Hospital operates without backup electricity generator
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The Khorixas State Hospital has been without a backup power generator since September 2020, forcing the hospital staff to work in the dark whenever power outages occur.
A senior staff member told NAMPA, on condition of anonymity, that nurses are forced to use flashlights on their mobile phones to treat patients when the electricity is off.
“We have brought up the issue with the top management of the hospital and they are aware of it. One of our main concerns, when there are outages, is the bodies in the mortuary, it is a great concern. We don’t do major surgery at the hospital but it is still a concern for us. Sometimes the electricity goes off while meals are being cooked for patients and we have to wait until the electricity is back on. It affects the whole hospital,” said the senior nurse.
She added that patients admitted to the hospital also complain about the problem and the younger patients find it difficult as they get scared in the dark.
The senior nurse said the issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible as Khorixas experiences frequent power outages, even when it rains or when strong winds are experienced.
Contacted for comment on Wednesday, Executive Director in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ben Nangombe said the ministry is in the process of procuring a replacement generator.
“The old one has become unserviceable. In the interim, we will hire a unit from the private sector for three months,” he said.