Land conference boycott a win-win scenario: NUDO

Land conference boycott a win-win scenario: NUDO
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The National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) has expressed pleasure in the outcome of the second National Land Conference, saying their decision to boycott the indaba worked in their favour as their views and aspirations were well-represented.
This is according to NUDO president, Asser Mbai, who briefed the media on Tuesday to clarify certain issues around the land conference.
“The resolutions of the land conference do not differ with the wishes and aspirations of some of us who did not attend the land conference,” he said.
According to Mbai, the outcomes of the land conference are a testament that the inputs made through the regional land consultations, which preceded the national indaba, were considered.
On his part, NUDO’s Secretary General, Meundju Jahanika argued that their decision to forego the conference may have played a role in its outcome.
“It was a win-win situation. Those who stayed away also played a role to force the government to think otherwise. Those who attended also played a role. All of us were winners,” Jahanika said.
This is despite the fact that the party was among the political formations, traditional authorities, pressure groups and civil society organisation that boycotted the gathering.
They shunned the conference under the pretext that it had a pre-determined outcome and that it was a mere political gimmick that needed to be “rubberstamped”.
Mbai, however, clarified that from the onset, no one attended that the conference on a Nudo ticket.
“The councillors in question were not invited as Nudo members, neither did they attend on party tickets but (attended) as government officials obligated by respective institutions,” he said.
Mbai was referring to Okakarara Constituency Councillor, Vetaruhe Kandorozu and Otjinene Constituency’s, Erwin Katjizeu who both attended the conference.
He said the two councillors had the blessings of the party’s leadership to attend the land conference and that their presence there in no way undermines his leadership.
“Since these councillors represent various people from all walks of life, as party leadership, we didn’t want to create a situation where these prominent figures couldn’t answer their people’s questions,” he explained.